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"Good wine makes good travelling companions." • Anonymous

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Wine is just the result of alcoholic fermentation of grape must. However, we will all agree that this simple process’ result lead us to a complex and diverse world, which is full of feelings. That’s why we believe a wine tasting should be something more than just trying and measuring the features and quality of a number of wines.


In our tastings, we do not forget the technical aspects, but at the same time, we seek to create the optimal atmosphere enabling us to awaken and stimulate all our senses and enjoy every nuance as a gift of a good wine, with the help of lighting, projections, music, etc.




With this tasting we seek excellence — a thrilling journey to the greatest world’s wines, full of knowledge and passion. We will get to know the history of mythical cellars and vintages, as well as emblematic regions. We will enjoy non-marketed collector’s bottles. We will discover exclusive, limited production wines that only a few can afford.

This is a sophisticated event which is guided by a sommelier with an international career who will help us to understand these treasures in an engaging and friendly way. It’s a unique opportunity to taste luxury label wines and experience unforgettable moments.

• Producer’s philosophy
• Knowing the terroir
• History and culture of the wine growing region

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This tasting will take us to the Iberian Peninsula. We will taste the five major types of wine being produced in Spain. We will taste an Atlantic climate wine, a Continental climate wine, a Mediterranean climate wine, a sherry, and a cava. Some videos and pictures will help us locating the geographical area and easily understanding the features of each wine.

Our maximum capacity is 45 wine lovers

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In these tastings we will go more deeply into one region, one cellar, one producer, one grape variety, etc. These tastings are always guided by a specialist in the day’s subject. It’s a specialized, technical tasting intended for wine lovers who want to go more deeply into their knowledge.

• Producer’s philosophy
• Knowing the terroir
• History and culture of the wine growing region

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'Jazz & Wine'

Jazz music is certainly one of the most sophisticated and complex music styles we can listen to, and doubtlessly, wine is also one of the most sophisticated and complex drinks we can taste. That’s why linking jazz music and wine always results in a charming and fascinating experience. A great pleasure for all senses!

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'four lovers'

In this tasting we weave the history of four wine producers and lovers together. We will go more deeply into their personality, their philosophy and their wine production style. We will make a journey thanks to the videos and pictures to their cellars and vineyards, and we will be immersed in their history and the region they belong to.

Our maximum capacity is 45 wine lovers

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Is there anything better than enjoying a good tasting? After a good tasting, the ‘perfect plan’ is certainly an unforgettable dinner at a wonderful restaurant where they will be waiting for you so you can continue your soirée and you will be captivated by the best Mediterranean, Spanish gastronomy. You will have the chance to put into practice the concepts you’ve just learned and keep enjoying a magical evening with your friends.

Our maximum capacity is 45 wine lovers


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Tastings for groups minimum 15 people.  Information: +34 622 52 86 89 – Email: